Conference Keynote Speaker

Conference Keynote Speaker

Conference Keynote Speaker

Arun Rai
Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University
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Arun Rai is permanent Regents' Professor, the highest academic honor bestowed in the University System of Georgia, at the Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. He holds the Robinson and Harkins Chairs and serves as the Director of the Center for Process Innovation, an interdisciplinary research center that leverages industry-university partnerships toward impactful research.
Dr. Rai's research has examined how organizations can leverage information technologies in their strategies and processes, and how digital innovation can address business and societal problems. His former Ph.D. students hold leadership positions at major journals, universities, and professional organizations. He was named Fellow of the Association for Information Systems for outstanding contributions to the Information Systems (IS) discipline in research, teaching and service and received the INFORMS Information Systems Society Distinguished Fellow Award for outstanding intellectual contributions to the IS discipline. Dr. Rai is serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the MIS Quarterly.   
Title: How Will the AI Genie Behave

Abstract: We are witnessing the increasing ubiquity of AI, with accelerating deployment in a wide variety of task domains, entrepreneurial activity across industries, and embedding in the core processes of digital platforms and firms. Alongside the increasing ubiquity of AI, we are encountering broad, unintended consequences, both beneficial and harmful. These unintended consequences are arising from unexpected behaviors and downstream effects that emerge through interactions of AI agents with the environment and other agents. To be able to control the actions of AI in ways that harvest its benefits while minimizing harm, we need to develop an integrated understanding of AI behavior in the environments in which it is deployed. I will offer a perspective on how such an integrated understanding can be developed through research that investigates thorny issues related to how AI agents acquire their behavior, how the behavior is triggered and enacted, the interaction dynamics of AI agents with other agents that lead to unintended consequences, and the influence of policy decisions on how AI systems evolve.    



Xiaohong Guan
 IEEE Fellow, Chung Kong Professor of Systems Engineering,Academician
Dean of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering (Xi'an Jiaotong University)
Director of Center for Intelligent and Networked Systems (
Tsinghua University
Xiaohong Guan is the Cheung Kong Professor of Systems Engineering and Dean of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University. He is also an adjunct professor and Director of the Center for Intelligent and Networked Systems at Tsinghua University, Beijing and served as department head (2003-2008). Dr. Guan has made seminal contributions in the areas of scheduling and optimization of large scale electrical power and manufacturing systems; game theoretic analysis and bidding strategies of electric power markets; and computer network security. He holds five patents and has published four books and book chapters along with more than 160 scholarly journal articles and conference proceedings. Dr. Guan is an IEEE Fellow. He is serving as the Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE RAS, Editor of IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, and Associate Editor of Automatica. He received the Systems Integration and Modeling Best Paper Award of IEEE Communication Society (2008), the Second Prize of the National Award for Natural Science of China (2005), the National Outstanding Young Investigator Award of China (1997) and Li Heritage Prize for Excellence in Creative Activities (1996). Dr. Guan received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in control engineering from Tsinghua University.
Title: Cyber-Physical Systems in Intelligent Age


Zhu Guang
 Zhu Guang
CEO of Xiaoman Financial
Zhu Guang, CEO of Xiaoman Financial (formerly Baidu Finance), Vice President of China Internet Finance Association. Zhu Guang graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University and has more than 20 years of work experience. He joined Baidu in December 2008. He served as senior director, vice president of Baidu, and senior vice president of Baidu before serving as CEO of Xiaoman Financial. He was responsible for Baidu market public relations, government affairs and Baidu news, etc., and  made great contributions on increasing awareness and reputation of the company. Before joining Baidu, he was the senior director of public relations and integration promotion of Greater China in Lenovo Group.


Titile: Exploration and application of blending AI with financial sector

Abstract: Artificial intelligence is well along the development path of commercialization and large-scale expansion in China as it becomes a new driving force transforming traditional industries and improving efficiencies in many sectors. New advances and breakthroughs in algorithms, computing power and Big Data will fuel continued AI progress. After AI was mentioned in government work reports for three consecutive years, the government work report delivered during the NPC and CPPCC sessions this year proposed the concept of "Intelligent+" for the first time. Finance, one of the best fields to apply AI, has already most extensively used the technology. As a Fintech company, Du Xiaoman Financial is dedicated to the integration of AI and finance, expanding financial services with AI, and exploring "Intelligent+" initiatives in the financial industry. In the future, AI will usher in a new technology revolution to reshape human society. We are looking forward to more and new changes.





 Yunfeng Zang 
VP&CTO of Shanghai Yovole Networks Inc
Mr. Yunfeng Zang is the senior vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) of Shanghai Yovole Networks Inc.  He leads Yovole's long-term technology vision, and is responsible for the operations and development of Yovole Cloud platform and the Operation Automation products. Mr. Zang also facilitates the technical community within Yovole, research programs and university collaboration.

Prior to Yovole, Mr. Zang was CTO at Virgin Mobile China, where he was responsible for the Mobile Virtual Network Operator IT infrastructure and products.  Prior to joining Virgin Mobile, he was IT Director / CTO at, a famous China Internet application and content provider. Mr. Zang earned a Master of Science in Computer Networking and a Bachelor of Science in Information Science from Fudan University, China. 


Title: Cloud, on the Way

Abstract: It has been 13 years since the first cloud computing service came to the market. Enterprises and SMB obtain big benefits from cloud services, and more and more applications rely on the support of cloud, from legacy to cloud native.  For such a long time, public cloud holds the dominant position of the market, and indeed it takes lead on both technology and awareness.  Nowadays, along with the evolution of cloud solution and variety of application scenarios, different notions of cloud have emerged: proprietary cloud, multi-cloud, true private cloud …  What are they?  Will they become the new stars of tomorrow?  How we expect  the customers to choose in the game of cloud service providers, and what about data sensitivity and AI computing power indispensable to enterprises?  I will share my view of cloud development of next stage, and what Yovole is doing as a niche market winner.